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Establishment of the Company

In this rented office room, Chandler Zhang started his business ambition Ningbo Care Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. on 11 July, with sales of medical models and medical consumables.


Curitiba Government Bidding (Brazil)

Participated in government bidding in Curitiba of medical models for school laboratory and medical products for hospitals.


Purchase of an Office

To serve clients better and win large purchase orders, Chandler decided to purchase an office in the Southern Business District in Ningbo.


Construction of the Production Team

To supply high-quality products at reasonable prices and better serve our clients, we built a production Team.


Bidding with the Philippine

Accidently our team had the chance to supply goods to the Philippine Government and got the Highest feedback after many years of effort.


Factory Relocation

To meet the demand of our clients and company development, we moved into a new plant, leading to significantly improved efficiency.


Construction of the Factory Plant

With the development of business, the rented plant could not meet the needs for production and management, we built a plant with an office building, which was put into use in 2019.


A special year-2020

2020 is a special year for all countries because of COVID-19.This year, we have invested great effort to provide medical supplies and medical protective materials worldwide, while actively cooperating with the government to creat better distribution channels for our clients.